Kare’s Beginning

Hey guys, it’s great to see all of your questions coming in thick and fast. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Hanad Duale, co-founder and CEO of Kare Intellex, and here is our story.

…In the beginning

On a dreary spring day in early 2014. I was making my way back to New York La Guardia Airport from a faculty interview in Connecticut. As I sat there staring out of the window on the Amtrak heading to La Guardia, I was going through a unique crisis of conscience. You see at the very moment I didn’t know which way to turn; the predictability and safety net of academia or the chaotic but exhilarating roller coaster of entrepreneurship. One thing was clear at the end of that train ride, I knew academia was not where I wanted to be. As I headed back home to the Midwest, I quickly started to resuscitate a number of ideas that have laid dormant in my subconscious. But the real challenge was, where do I begin, You see at that time I had very few contacts in the close-nit but vibrant start-up community in Columbus, OH. Fortunately, I had a lucky break (as all entrepreneurs need). An acquaintance (now a close friend) reached out to me to help them with a consulting gig in healthcare. During my short tenure as a healthcare technology consultant, I was introduced to a number of high-profile and successful entrepreneurs. One specific individual that stood-out was Raymond (Ray) Shealy, Ray Shealy is a local hero in Central Ohio, having successfully exited a number companies. The first opportunity I had to touch base with Ray I pitched him idea of Kare Intellex, and he immediately sensed the immense potential of the platform to revolutionize healthcare.

Getting Started

With Ray’s guidance as a co-founder, work began in earnest in late fall 2014. Our first obstacle was trying to navigate the highly fragmented and heavily regulated healthcare industry. After a couple pivots in our value proposition, we finally settled upon the right formula to build out our prototype. I took charge of product development, and Ray began a charm offensive in successfully finding serious angel investors. This approach is working beautifully for us, and we are eagerly anticipating the launch of our pilot study in mid-June 2015. So stay tuned!

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